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There are more than a few subscription-based movie streaming apps available for Android and iPhone, each with different benefits and varying pricing plans.
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In some cases, you also might have to change a setting in your account with your mobile carrier to use the feature.

Start with Verizon Protect.

You can make your phone a hotspot similar to your WiFi network at home. With this option others can share your connection if you give them the password.

You can also use the connection across several devices of your own. This is a more complicated process than the other options simply because of getting your computer to accept data via Bluetooth and not something I would personally recommend, but it is definitely doable and is useful in some situations.

If you have a USB cable for your phone you can share the connection that way. This uses wi-fi to allow users to send files and photos over Apple's AirDrop technology and easily share screens with other iOS devices.

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Mr Beer exploited this network to show how hackers could gain access to a device from a distance. In a blog post , he explained how he was able to complete the hack, which he spent six months investigating. He found no evidence the vulnerability had been "exploited in the wild", although said some people tweeted when the bug was fixed in May. Prof Daniel Dresner, cyber security expert at the University of Manchester, said the lack of known exploitation was reassuring, as was the quick reactions of those involved in detection and remediation.

You don't even really have to understand what's going on inside the device to be able to remove a considerable amount of data from it. Last year, Mr Beer revealed a "sustained effort" to hack iPhones, using booby-trapped websites , said to have been visited thousands of times per week.

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Once on an iPhone, the implant could access an enormous amount of data, including though not limited to contacts, images and global-positioning-system GPS location data, and relay it to an external server every 60 seconds. In response, Apple accused Google of fear-mongering , as the investigation had been published six months after it had fixed the issues. However, it is common practice for responsible security researchers not to publish their findings until after a company has been given the chance to fix a flaw. Like the rest of these apps, some settings must be enabled to engage in data savings.

Most everything that Google releases requires an opt-in especially if it has new privacy implications.

Apple Confirms $1 Million Reward For Anyone Who Can Hack An iPhone

The Google Chrome Blog details the necessary settings:. It downloads everything to the app, in the background whether open or not. When I save an article on my computer, it automatically syncs the article to my phone for access anywhere, anytime. It could not be simpler to use and setup.

Hack Protection, Anti-Virus and Ad Blocker for Android and iPhone | Verizon Wireless

Once you start syncing articles for access offline pictures and all , you may find that your data use is escalating. The founder of Mailbox app wanted to design a program that finally treated email in a new, functional way. Instead of slowly going through the massive piles of email, the creative team at Mailbox devised a way to organize the clutter for easy reading and task management.