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This empowers employees to plan ahead and stay on schedule more easily. You can set up geofencing to automatically clock employees in and out upon arriving at and leaving a job.

Once at the job, your workers need not worry about using another tool to record their progress. Employees can record data in the app, including photos and client signatures. All this data is visible to you and any dispatchers. While you can enable employees to use Hellotracks to choose their own routes to a job, you also have the option to suggest routes to them in real-time. Hellotracks includes analysis and reporting functions, as well. This makes it easier to view timesheets, mileage, and job statuses all in one place. Timeero utilizes an intuitive planner that makes it easy for you to create and assign jobs to your mobile workforce 24 hours a day.

Push notifications inform employees when their schedule has been updated. It is also a GPS tracking app. You can set up geofenced sites to automate timesheets so your crew can get to work right away. Timeero allows you to track employee travel without you having to watch an application. Set up waypoint checkpoints and Timeero will send you notifications of where your teams are and when. Another feature allows you to generate mileage reports at any time. You can use these to find ways to save time and money well before the end of the financial year.

Last, Timeero can also function as a useful HR tool. Workers can request time off from anywhere, and managers can approve or deny it at the touch of a button.

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You can choose to be billed monthly or annually. Discounts are available for annual billing or businesses with or more users. Connecteam is an all-in-one team organizer that is designed for mobile phones. Workers can clock in and out of jobs with the press of a button. Just see who is closest to the job and click to allocate the work to them. The hours your workers clock are then uploaded to timesheets. You can review and approve them quickly. The app gives you the option to make changes, such as registering absences.

You can plan for the future by adding shifts or reminders, etc. Drag-and-drop scheduling and task creation enable you to update job information on the fly. If you need more detail about a specific job, the in-app chat function allows you to communicate with your teams. Speaking of the in-app communication functions, you can use Connecteam to distribute more than project information. Send out company flyers to keep workers informed and messages to acknowledge top performers. Both are proven ways to boost overall worker productivity.

You can even create custom courses that users can access in-app.

Power up your workday

Upload teaching materials, create questionnaires to test knowledge, and track who completes each course. Connecteam is another GPS tracking app that also makes the work itself easier. Employees can record job-relevant information in the app, such as voice recordings and photos. If you need to assist your field workers by breaking down what they need to accomplish at each job, you can generate checklists for them to tick off as they go.

12 of the Most Superb Employee GPS Tracking Apps

Notifications remind employees if they forget an item. You can set these checklists up to repeat, too. This is handy if your workers need to carry out similar jobs at multiple sites. The Free plan lacks GPS tracking features. The latter plan price is not listed — you must contact Connecteam for a quote. Discounts are available for annual billing. Try before you buy with a day free trial.

Individual workers and dispatchers can use the app to calculate the best routes to job sites. Mileage is auto-recorded. Employees can then get on with the job faster, recording field notes in the app. This includes signatures and pictures. All this information can be viewed in a centralized dashboard. Like other apps on this list, you can trigger notifications for things like late check-in or early check-out. While allGEO allows you to reassign tasks on the fly, you can also trust your teams to help each other. So, if they need help on a job, they can reach out to their nearest colleague.

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Create job-specific workflows and forms and see workers completing their tasks in real-time. This makes it easier to spot pain points and update assignments and schedules on the fly. Workflows also make work safer for your employees. By following step-by-step processes, you can trust your employees to do their jobs the right way. You can try the app without commitment for 14 days. The prices vary according to the number of users, the features selected, and whether you pay per month or year.

Vismo prioritizes the safety of remote staff, whether they work locally or around the world.

7 of The Best Employee GPS Tracking Apps

This app is a popular option for businesses whose employees work in dangerous locations or who are at risk of physical or verbal abuse. By tracking the location of teams via the GPS in their devices, operators can see if anyone is in the area of any harmful or troublesome incidents. Operators also have the option to create geofences around high-risk areas. Should a worker enter a geofenced space, they will receive an alert to inform them.


These alerts can be customized to include any information you want, such as what steps to take to reach safety. Further, Vismo records the location history of its users. This enables reviewers to trace worker activity, including anyone they may have come into contact with who might be a risk e. Employees can also request information or plan actions with their colleagues via the in-app peer-to-peer communication system. Along with this, the ease of using also plays a significant role in using the spy app successfully.

To start using Haverwatch, create an account on Hoverwatch official website with your email id and password. One of the most important features is Hoverwatch is once installed, the app continues to track the target phone without the knowledge of the target phone user. The first camera photo feature lets you know who used the device at a given point of time — it secretly takes a photo of the user by the front camera of the smartphone when they unlock the device. The app can be installed without the knowledge of the kid, and it continues to track the activities online and answers the data so collected.

You need to have a registered account on FlexiSpy to install the app. The installation process is available in your FlexiSpy account. Note that the default state of the app is visible to the user. The time restriction feature enables parents to home prevent the use of the target or for a certain time. The app presents data by tracking GPS, tracking keyloggers, web browsing history, monitoring IM chats, and more. In mobile phone data, parents can track videos, photos, files, voice memos, contact lists, reminders, and notes.

Highster mobile enables all the good features, including call logs, text messages, address books, emails, GPS tracking, iMessages, and the like. Whenever there is a change in SIM, contacts, location, or specific words are used in texts and emails, it sends alerts to you. This app has a free trial period of three days. During this period, you can try all the features of the application, and it does not require payment. It is crucial to consider the features that each app comes with, and the ease of getting the tracked data makes it a stronger reason to choose a particular app.

Criteria for choosing a good phone tracker

That is because it is not lawful to track the smartphones of employees without their written consent as per law. Parents should also discuss with their teen kids — planning to track their smartphone usage. Taking into account all these points while buying the best phone tracker app will help you get the best value for money and the time you invest for the purpose.