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Looking to hack Android? In this article, we have provided the best android Hacking apps and tools. Hacking generally refers to unauthorized intrusion into a computer or a network. Cybersecurity has been a trend from the last few years. And recently android pen-testing and security have increased in demand.

Hackers keep looking for hacking tools and apps for Android smartphones. Android, is an open-source platform based on the Linux kernel, is a great and powerful mobile operating system ever built for smartphones. It allows you to easily change your smartphone UI user interface , offers millions of free apps in the market, and lets you customize the app by installing Android Custom ROMS.

Android smartphones can also run penetration testing and security test from hacking Android apps. However, it is very important to know about the ethical hacking apps or tools available on your Android smartphone. In this article, we bring you a list of the top 10 latest Android hacking apps and tools that will turn your Android smartphone into a hacking machine.

Disclaimer : All content in this article is intended for security research purpose only.

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Techworm does not support the use of any android hacking apps or tools to indulge in unethical practices. This open source ethical hacking android app is one of the most popular ones in this field.

How To hack Any Android app without root // easy method

Wi-Fi Kill is extremely useful when you have an open Wi-Fi not protected by a strong password. You can cut off the Wi-Fi of the intruder by just a few clicks on your device. This android hacking app is easy to use owing to its lucid and interactive interface and easy-to-use tools. APK Inspector is a great android hacking tool that any general app user will love.

You can take full control of any app using it. It works on rooted devices only. You can view others wifi network password by using this app. According to the developers, cSploit is complete security software for any os. It allows you to calculate local hosts, and find out their vulnerabilities and leaks. You can also hack wifi networks using it. Wifi kill is a hacking tool available for rooted devices.

If a device is connected to your network, then you can easily disable its internet with Wi-fi kill. It is simple to use the app so that newbies can also use it. As the name suggests, it kills the devices connected to your network. Download link is given below. WIFi Kill Pro. Hackode is another best hacking tool of that features a list of multiple hacking tools which you can use to test and penetrate a network. The app contains three built-in modes namely as Scanning, security feed, and Reconnaissance. All of these modes can be used to perform hacking activities like SQL injection, Whois, Sniffing, Network penetration, etc.

FaceNiff is one of the best hacking tools which you can use to sniff your Wi-fi Network.

10 Best Hacking Apps for Android - Make Tech Easier

This tool steals cookies whenever someone connects his device to your Wi-fi Network and then gives you unauthorized access to his social media accounts. These were the seven best android hacking apps. After a lot of searching, we found the best hacking apps for you. If you are a beginner in the IT field, you can make a start with them. Jitender Singh, the owner of this site, is a technical expert, SEO expert, YouTubber and a experienced blogger by profession.

He basically belongs to a middle class family in Faridabad. AndroRat 1. Developers are usually trying to improve the experience on Android devices and you can find flashable audio mods for various Android smartphones. You can also install APK files on your Android smartphone or tablet.

There are many third-party apps that have been removed from the Google Play Store, but you can find their APK files on various websites.

10 Best Hacking Apps for Android

In order to install these apps, you simply need to download the APK file, tap on it and press the Install button. A cool feature that not many people know of is to check the date on Android with a single tap. There are many websites that have a separate light version for mobile phones.

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The original PC version of the website should now appear on your phone. Each smartphone nowadays comes with unique gestures that are usually exclusive to certain brands. As an example, simply knock twice on the screen and it will take a screenshot.

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Pretty cool right? Now, there are a few more ways but we will not go further into that since gesture function varies from device to device. So go to your device settings, look for gestures and make sure to enable it to take advantage of this functionality. Some third-party apps can be really annoying if they keep on displaying notifications on your phone. In order to disable these app notifications, go to Applications or Apps in the Settings. Creating a Nandroid backup is one of the best Android hacks for rooted phones.

If your Android device is rooted and you have a custom recovery installed, then you can create a full Nandroid backup of your device. Nandroid backups are perfect if you like installing custom ROMs on your phone. Light Flow is a great app that lets you customize the notification LED light on your phone. Additionally, the app will let you customize things like LED color, duration and flash rate.

This is a really simple hack and not many users take advantage of this. To know more about this type of connection, check our guide here. We used a Samsung Galaxy S4 as an example in our guide. As Android further progresses in development, it can be challenging to keep up with its new features.

With selected hints to extend the functionality of your smartphone, as well as featuring apps from the Play Store, this comprehensive guide will allow you to easily and quickly transform your device into something special.

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But hacks can also refer to going beyond what is intended for a device or thing. For example, kitchen or cooking hacks, make up hacks, microwave hacks, hair-curling hacks, and many more. To back this up… 37 on this list teaches you how to run the Android OS on an old iPhone. If you want to make the most out of your Android smartphone or tablet, you should use the Android hacks you probably had never heard of until you read this article.

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Be aware that hackers now use Android phones to mine cryptocurrency. If you are interested in finding out if your device is hacked or not, then this article should help. If you have any questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below. Jagdish is an Android troubleshooter who loves talking tech and discussing technology's impact on humanity. He is passionate about writing and fond of technology—with a zeal for Android problem-solving.

When Jag isn't writing or discussing tech and marketing, he'll be smashing cricket balls or shooting hoops on the basketball court. Android 6. In everyday life, people have their own set of issues and challenges to go through. WhatsApp is one of the most used apps on Android and other mobile platforms. Used by millions of users, WhatsApp is brilliant as it is.

14 Best Game Hacker Apps for Android (With/Without Root)

Most Android users are familiar with the…. However, Android Studio has by far exceeded the expectations of its users. In this fast-paced world, there are moments where you just want to do two tasks at once. Yoshi, thanks for stopping by. We accept your point. All Android hacks referred to in this post are similar functionality offered by rooting a device. Hope we were able to address your concern.