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Which spy app can fulfill your needs? Xnspy is among the top spy apps for Android phones. We are a leading name because of our most demanded spy features.
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The reason is that the programs are not launched in the hidden mode during the installation process and require about 25 permissions for the correct operation of the application on the device. It is not possible to covertly install the application on the Android platform now. After receiving the link, the spy application should be installed as usual. During the installation process it is necessary to give a lot of permissions, the number of which may vary depending on the model of the Android phone. Websites of these programs have warnings about the necessity of obligatory physical access to the device where you are going to monitor.

On the Hoverwatch website, right on the home page. We took the Hoverwatch product for testing and quick and hidden installation on the Android device. So, what do you need to do to install the application on your device? Visit the official Hoverwatch website and register. Upload the file by clicking the link to your device. As a rule, files are uploaded to the Download folder. Using the file manager, run the file to install it on your device.

This allows the program to control the functionality of the device. We have calculated the number of necessary permissions. You have to agree to these requests and allow the program to collect data in order for the program to work correctly. But this is a one-time procedure and those who do not give up will be rewarded by watching all the actions on the right device.

Now you can safely lie on a soft sofa and watch anywhere in the world for activity on the gadget via the Internet. If you do not install the program correctly, you will not see any data. The FAQ section of this software site has a clear answer about not being able to install the application without access to the gadget. The developers at the FlexiSpy product site warn you before you buy that you need to have physical access to the right device. On the page of this application after selecting the Android platform they immediately ask a question about the possibility of physical access to the device.

There are several working variants at this moment. FlexiSpy offers telephone installation service and pre-installation of the monitoring application on new devices. Buy a new phone and install the FlexiSpy application on it, then after checking the work you will have to give this device to your object of monitoring. It is one of the most popular spying application and can deal with lots of various spying tasks along with reading messages without needing to install it on their phone. Using these simple tricks you can easily spy on your child, girlfriend or boyfriend or anyone else, and, of course, they will thank you later.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I actually need to speak to someone so that they could guide me through this. I married to my husband for about three years ago now with no idea that he was cheating. I noticed some changes in his characters and I decided to confided in a flexispy.

He was able to caught him red handed. Many thanks for recommending this team.

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They helped me set up a remote phone access service. I recommend this team to everyone that needs remote phone access solutions. So i have purchased this app and when trying to install it, i was told i needed to have target phone in hand. So they lie in advertisement about the ability for remote installation on target phone. I immediately wanted a refund but they said it was not possible but that they would freeze my brand new account until i could get the target phone in my hand.

It was a brutal experience just trying to understand what she was saying or trying to say to me.

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I was so afraid he would wake up and beat my ass if he caught me. Finally got it installed. TWS is compatible with Android devices of top brands. It means that you can monitor Android devices with the OS version of Ice Cream Sandwich up to the latest operating system. Most of us confuse spying with monitoring. But, in the digital world, cell phone spying has only one purpose — to save loved ones from cyber threats. TheWiSpy comes with a wide set of monitoring features.

9 Best Spy Apps for Android & iPhone Mobile Phones in

You can use TWS features for parental, corporate, or even personal reasons. Hereunder are the most powerful monitoring features of TWS app. Phone Call Recording — The app enables you to hear all the call recordings of incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can record the active phone calls and listen to the recordings whenever you find time. You can also spy on call history and monitor most frequent callers secretly. Contacts Monitoring — From saved contacts to call logs numbers, TWS allows you to monitor the contact list and all the saved and unsaved numbers present on your target device.

You can monitor live location as well as location history with TWS app. You can read the text chats remotely and secretly. Multimedia Tracking — Monitor saved, captured, and downloaded multimedia files secretly. With TWS app, you can spy on the media gallery of your target phone or tablet without any suspicion. This feature enables you to hear background conversations, noises, and other sounds secretly.

App Monitoring — TheWiSpy app monitoring provides complete app usage details. You can track app activities and spy on all installed applications remotely. You can monitor keystrokes made on instant messaging apps and web browsers etc. TWS allows you to set blacklist or inappropriate words and sends you instant alerts when any of the words are triggered by the target user. Screen monitoring reveals all the digital happenings of the device you want to monitor. Other Features — TWS is jam-packed with various monitoring features. You can spy on mobile notes, WiFi history, call logs, and other cyber activities without any suspicion.

Just like other mobile apps, TWS needs to be installed on the phone or tablet you desire to spy. But, the installation process of TheWiSpy app is quite different from other mobile apps installation processes. Note that there is no such requirement to root your target device. You can enjoy TWS features without rooting the device you wish to monitor. Spending money on mobile apps is still a hard choice to make.

10 Best Free Spy Apps for Android (Undetectable, Hidden & No Root)

Unlike many expensive spy apps, TheWiSpy is an affordable Android monitoring app offering a fair pricing policy on each license subscription. You can choose your subscription from starter, basic, and premium plans.

If you want to try TheWiSpy app for free, unfortunately, there is no such offer active by the service provider. TheWiSpy has gained worldwide popularity as a reliable spy app for Android. However, to answer all the functionality-related questions, we have dedicated this section of this review to the FAQs of TheWiSpy. TheWiSpy has made its place among top-rated Android monitoring apps due to its high-end features and seamless functionality.

It offers affordable pricing with diverse spying solutions to enable you to enjoy advanced monitoring for personal and corporate use. Yes, TheWiSpy allows you to spy on Android devices remotely.

How Do Free Spy Apps for Android without Target Phones Work?

It also comes with remote control support, SMS spoofing, and all kinds of other admittedly shady behavior. Carrier Family Locators are family location services by mobile carriers like T-Mobile and others. These services work about as expected. You can keep track of the phone location of any phone on your plan.

They usually feature things like on-demand location, alerts of various types, and it works on most devices.


Several phone manufacturers have phone finding services as part of their software experience. One notable example is Samsung. You log in with your Samsung account and you can find your device with its service. You can lock or unlock your phone, find it on a map, and there are other features as well.