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Protect your family using our phone tracker and phone locator. We have developed it with the aim that it can help older people. Remember that in order to track.
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What it does: Period Tracker takes the guess work out of when to expect a visit from your monthly friend and makes it easier to figure out when you are most fertile using simple data entry and charting. What makes it different: Its tracking of ovulation, period, and PMS symptoms go uber micro, including dividing cravings into salty and sweet and showing levels of acne.

What it does: Ovia incorporates multiple fertility and key health indicators, like eating and sleeping habits, to predict ovulation and claims it can get users pregnant up to 3 times faster than the national average. Just ask its Harvard-educated CEO, who developed the app's proprietary algorithms to help him and his wife conceive. What makes it different: The company says its algorithm is based on data collected from millions of women who are pregnant or trying to conceive, which it says is "the largest data set that's ever been collected on this population.

What it does: In addition to tracking your period and ovulation through charts, Kindara can monitor basal body temperature and cervical fluid to learn about hormone levels in your body and tell you the best time to conceive.

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What it does: The app uses data from a hand-held monitor, OvaCue , which measures saliva and cervical mucus to predict ovulation up to 7 days in advance. Because peeing on an ovulation strip is so ! What makes it different: OvaGraph is teaming up with author Toni Weschler to become the official charting tool and community for her book, Taking Charge of Your Fertility.


Weschler's Fertility Awareness Method, which is used in the charting logic, has helped millions of women conceive. What it does: Daysy is a fertility monitor synced to an app, which learns from and tracks your menstrual cycle. Using daily oral temperature readings and data entry, Daysy claims to show if you are fertile or not with an accuracy of What makes it different: The app makes it easy to share your fertility data with your mate. Hubba, hubba.

The 8 Best Period and Ovulation Tracker Apps for Getting Pregnant | Parents

The bottom line is that a lot of these apps do similar functions. But when you're trying to get pregnant, more information is good. Nathaniel G. But he warns against putting too much stock in app companies' claims that they'll get you pregnant so much faster than another app or pen on a paper calendar. There's not a lot of data collected on accuracy that's not done by the apps themselves. The app connected to a vaginal thermometer, I can't really say we have a demonstrated benefit there.

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  • But again, more information when trying to get pregnant is usually good. So pick the app with the interface that best suits your style and get tracking! By Melissa Willets. Save Pin FB ellipsis More. Comments 2 Add Comment.

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