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Mission at Jupiter · International Space Station · InSight Mars Lander · Perseverance opportunities and tracking, mission information, Third Rock Radio and much more. Apple TV: Please go to the App Store on your Apple TV device to install. Space Station Research Explorer: iPhone/iPad | Android.
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To help people participate successfully at the event, we want to support those who might not be entirely up to speed with what APIs are about, as well as those who are rolling up their sleeves to build interesting applications, by providing a NASA Postman collection. So, to begin we want to introduce what Application Programming Interfaces APIs are, to provide you with the information you need to play an active role in the event, no matter your skill level.

Active Tropical Storms

They only return the raw data and content necessary to accomplish what is needed. APIs are behind everything we do online, but unless you are aware that they exist, and understand how they work, you are unlikely to fully grasp what APIs are used for.

There are endless ways in which APIs can be put to use in applications. Depending on what you are interested in, and the type of data, content, media, or algorithm being made available, how you use an API will vary.

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While Postman is a favorite tool of developers, there is nothing stopping non-developers from getting in there and putting the platform to use. This allows you to see the details of an API response, then save and work with this data.

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  • Postman helps developers in a couple of important ways:. I plans to power Welcome to the Reuters.

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    Read our Editor's note on how we're helping professionals make smart decisions. Read more. Sustainable Business. Discovery Briefings are exclusive opportunities for Discovery Circle members to get behind the scenes and dive deep with curators, space historians, current NASA scientists, and…. Discover more events. Michael Collins was more alone than any human had ever been. As the command module pilot for Apollo 11, he was completely cut off from.

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