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People using Apple Maps can also report accidents they see on the road. And of course there's new emoji , like a heart on fire, a dizzy face and an exhaling face. The most controversial change comes when people open up apps from companies like Facebook. There, they'll be asked whether they consent to having their activity tracked across apps and websites they use. Facebook will begin including a message in its app to explain what it uses this tracking for , but it has also started a campaign pushing back against Apple's approach. Apple's move, which it delayed from its original plans to implement the privacy features late last year, mark the latest way the tech giant is attempting to live up to its advertising promise of offering software tools that guarantee better privacy.

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Whether you think it's a genuine effort to embrace CEO Tim Cook 's mantra that " privacy is a fundamental human right ," or merely a way to kneecap competition while looking good to customers probably depends on how you feel about Apple. But Apple is making these moves as people are reckoning with how the internet truly works. If you buy something from a Vox link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. Or maybe you have several emails from that store filling your inbox, urging you to buy more stuff.

Does technology have all the answers?

How did your offline shopping habits make it into your online life? Well, it turns out those brick-and-mortar stores are getting as good at tracking you as their online rivals.

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And it all starts with your phone. These days, many retailers offer free in-store wifi and shopping apps.

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Usually, it asks you to submit personal information, like an email address, and then to agree to terms and conditions before letting you access the internet. And if you used a social media profile like Facebook to log into the service, you may have given the business everything from your full name to your employer. But these apps may also be tracking you in less obvious ways. The app then knows where in the store you are and sends you information like coupons or store maps specific to that location. But this also means the app can track your movements as you pass by the beacons.

Depending on where and how the beacons are placed, your location can be measured in inches. This is all used to give businesses precise insights into their customers and to make it easier to market to them, both individually and in aggregate. It helps put brick-and-mortar businesses on a level playing field with their e-commerce rivals. And it may also help you, the customer.

Thanks to the "Off-Facebook Activity" tool, I now know that Home Depot told Facebook when I visited its online store, viewed an item or added an item to a shopping cart. The Atlantic shared the pages I viewed and devices I used, which it says inform its distribution strategy and help it target campaigns. The Washington Post says it stopped using the Facebook tracking pixel, along with some other social-networking trackers, on content pages as of October The Buttigieg US presidential campaign says it used the Facebook tracking pixel to target ads at people who have visited its website or engaged with its donation link.

Peet's Coffee didn't respond to my questions. Ring, which is owned by Amazon, let Facebook know when I installed or opened its app. Spokeswoman Yassi Shahmiri says Ring uses the information to "optimise our marketing campaigns on Facebook," including advertising less to people who already own the product. But is that a good reason to share information about my doorbell with Facebook? Shahmiri says Ring doesn't share specific camera data, such as a motion detected at your door.

But Ring does ping Facebook when I open the app, which is almost always when there's someone at my door.

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Guess I was foolish to presume what happens on my doorstep stays between me and Ring. Facebook says it puts limits on the information organisations can share with it. For example, they're not supposed to pass along health and financial information. But it's unclear how well Facebook polices this.

Nancarrow, the Facebook spokesman, says that "a health site with a Facebook Pixel does not mean that they are sharing sensitive medical information with Facebook.

Don't businesses worry we'll find this to be oversharing? Most probably never thought we'd find out. Facebook says companies are required to provide us "robust notice" that they're sending data about our activity to the social network.

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But I found very few explained this tracking in clear terms. Facebook wants to paint surveillance as totally normal. Zuckerberg often says people want to see "relevant" ads. I wonder whom he's asking. About 81 per cent "of the public say that the potential risks they face because of data collection by companies outweigh the benefits," according to Pew. You can do a few things to fight back against Facebook's surveillance, some of which haven't been available before. The new "Off-Facebook Activity" page includes ways to ask Facebook to cut it out. From that page, click on "Clear History" to tell Facebook remove that data from your account.

After you've done that, you still need to inform Facebook you want them to stop adding this data to your profile in the future.

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Click that, and then click the additional button labelled "Manage Future Activity," and then toggle off the button next to "Future Off-Facebook Activity. While we're adjusting things, I also recommend changing one other bad Facebook default setting. Under the settings menu, go to "Your Ad Preferences" click here to go directly. Under the heading "Ad settings," look for "Ads based on data from partners.

Now I have to share a bummer: Changing these settings doesn't actually stop Facebook from collecting data about you from other businesses.

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  8. Facebook will just "disconnect" it from your profile, to use the social network's carefully chosen word. Mostly they're just promising they'll no longer use it to target you with ads on Facebook and Instagram - which means you'll be less likely to be manipulated based on your data. So what can you do if you don't want Facebook collecting all this data about you in the first place? That requires more hand-to-hand combat.